Accepting new students. Lessons available online and in person. To schedule an introductory lesson, please email or text.
Virtual Spring Recital May 27, 2021 at 6:30 pm.

Schmidt Music Studio

piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, voice, mandolin, guitar, theory
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Homeschoolers and everyone are welcomed!

6 Benefits of Music Lessons*

  1. It improves academic skills. Music and math are highly intertwined. By understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns.
  2. It develops physical skills. Certain instruments help children develop coordination and motor skills.
  3. It cultivates social skills. Group classes require peer interaction and communication, which encourage teamwork, as children must collaborate to create a crescendo or an accelerando. 
  4. It refines discipline and patience. Private lessons and practicing at home require a very focused kind of attention for even 10 minutes at a time.
  5. It boosts self-esteem. Lessons offer a forum where children can learn to accept and give constructive criticism. Turning negative feedback into positive change helps build self-confidence.
  6. It introduces children to other cultures. By learning about and playing a variety of instruments, kids can discover how music plays a critical role in other cultures.

* according to


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